Tafseer al Quran

‘Ilm Al-Tafseer, Or “The Science Of Qur’an Exegesis” Is Usually a Systematic (Either Sequential or Thematic) Exegetical Study Of The Qur’an’s Verses. This Subject Is Widely Studied By All Hawza Students And One Who Chooses To Specialize In This Field Becomes a Mufassir Or Commentator Of The Qur’an. Both Shia And Sunni Scholars Have Written Literally Hundreds Of Tafsir Works Over The Ages. Some Shia Scholars Limit The Word Tafseer To Being The Interpretation Of The Qur’an By The Prophet [s] Himself And His Special Household Members (the Ahl al-Bayt). They Consider All Other Interpretations As Being Simply a Personal Reflection (Tadabbur). It Is Also Common For Students To Form Small Study Groups To Share And Discuss Their Understanding Of The Qur’an’s verses (i.e. To Engage In Tadabbur).

But This Course Is Not About ‘Ilm Al-Tafseer. This Course Is At Basic Level Of Tafseer Where We Offer This Course To Those Who Can Read The Quran. This Is The Second Step Of Learning After Tajweed Lessons. It Is Our First Duty To Learn The Recitation With Correct Pronunciation And After That, It Is Our Duty To Understand It With Proper Meanings.

This Quran Tafseer Course Will Help You Know The Meanings Of The Words Of The Holy Book. When You Will Understand The Meanings Of The Verses, You Will Know About The Commands Of Allah S.W.T. It Is A Very Useful Course That Will Increase Your Islamic Knowledge. Keep In Mind That Upon The Completion Of The Course You Will Not Become A Scholar. You Will Only Understand The Messages And Commands Of Allah.

Tafsir Is The Most Important Knowledge Of The Quran. This Course Will Give You The Knowledge About All The Matter Related To Life. You Will Learn How To Lead Your Life In An Islamic Manner.

The Classes Of Quran Tafseer Will Help You Know The Right Application Of Islam. The Teacher Will Give You A Right Understanding Of Different Passages Of The Holy Book.

At The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To Understand The Following Subjects In Islamic Views.

  • Meaning Of Verses
  • Arabic Grammar (At A Basic Level)
  • Ethics
  • Understanding Of Commands
  • Application Of Commands

We Will Teach All These Topics In Our Classes. We Recommend This Course After The Translation Lesson. Translation Course Explains The Outer Meanings Of The Verses Whereas Tafseer Explains The Concealed Meanings Of The Quran. It Is The Detailed Interpretation Of The Verses.

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