Ahkaam/Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) course

fiqh - Ahkaam/Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) course

Online Shia fiqh teacher: Shia Fiqh deals with the rules and regulations laid down for certain acts, and also provide guidelines for the way these acts be performed.

The Fuqaha of Islam has restricted the use of the word Fiqh to the third category, perhaps because it has been a matter of popular concern, and that the believer sought such guidance more often. This is why men of proficiency in this branch of Islamic knowledge only came to be known as ‘Fuqaha’.

It means to follow the order (Ahkam) of Allah Almighty. The purpose of the creation of human beings is to worship Allah and to follow his instruction. Islam teaches us that we are not just for this temporary world because we are not just made for this world, but we have a life hereafter.

This life is a test for us that who does follow the Ahkam of Allah and who does not, also following Ahkam does not only helps us hereafter it actually benefits us in this life as well and brings us success in both lives. It is compulsory for all Muslims to acquire knowledge and understand the Ahkam of Allah.

In this course you will understand

  • What is Wajib (Obligatory)?
  • What is Haram (Forbidden)?
  • What is Mustahab (Recommended)?
  • What is Makruh (Disliked/Recommended to avoid)?
  • What is Mubah (neutral, indifferent or (merely) permitted)?

Your online Shia fiqh teacher will start from a basic level and goes to higher levels. Mainly you will be taught a tozeh-al-masail with a deep understanding and practical implementations of fiqhi rules in our daily life.  This course also covers Najasaat, Muthahiraat, Wajib Ghussal (Bathing), Ablution and Wajib Prayers (Salaat) etc. We elaborate on the rulings of the Islamic Shari’ah regarding problems and calamities faced by Muslims living in the west.

“Anyone who follows Islam without the knowledge of fiqah is on the right path but is going in the wrong direction”

Imam Ali (A.S)

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Shia Fuqha - Ahkaam/Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) course

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