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Online Hawza Shia - Pre-Hawza/Hawza Course

Pre-Hawza/Hawza Course

Islamic Studies in your own home Babulilm UK has revolutionized how students can access and further themselves in Islamic Studies. Traditionally, a student wishing to pursue higher Islamic study would have to travel to somewhere in the Middle East and join an Islamic Seminary.....

Shia Fuqha - Ahkaam/Fiqh course

Ahkaam/Fiqh course

Fiqh deal with the rules and regulations laid down for certain acts, and also provide guidelines for the way these acts be performed. The Fuqaha of Islam have restricted the use of the word Fiqh to....

Shia Sunni

Roots of Shi’a-Sunni Differences

All the Muslims agree that Allah is One, Muhammad (S) is His last Prophet, the Qur’an is His last Book for mankind, and that one day Allah will resurrect all human beings, and they will be questioned about their beliefs and actions.

Basic Intro to Islam special folder - Introduction To Islam

Introduction To Islam

Islam is a way of life centered upon the primary principle of the oneness of God, out of which everything comes into being, and to which everything returns after it has died. The realisation of this oneness and its implications in every sphere of existence is the aim that the Muslim strives to attain.

islamic studies - Introduction to Islamic Studies

Introduction to Islamic Studies

This course consists of ten lesson designed and deliver by one of our expert teachers. Lesson One: Islam in a nutshell Lesson two: Intellect in Islam Lesson three: Knowledge in Islam Lesson four: The main Sources of knowledge in Islam Lesson five: The Holy Qur’an I Lesson six: The Holy Qu’an II

quran tafseer classes - Tafseer al Quran

Tafseer al Quran

'Ilm Al-Tafseer, Or "The Science Of Qur'an Exegesis" Is Usually a Systematic (Either Sequential or Thematic) Exegetical Study Of The Qur'an's Verses. We Offer This Course To Those Who Can Read The Quran. This Is The Second Step Of Learning After Tajweed.

Online quran classes  - Quran Tajweed Course

Quran Tajweed Course

Reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed means set of rules which needs to be followed while reading Quran to pronounce every letter with all its articulative qualities such as the correct prolongation, merging, conversion, distinctness, and pauses.

kids quran learning lessons - Basic Quran Reading Course

Basic Quran Reading Course

Reading Quran for Beginners is an easy to adopt, fun and interactive series of lessons and basic introduction to read Arabic. It's ideal for anyone interested in reading Arabic/Quranic text.

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